6 Highest Paid Programming Languages that Makes You Rich

In the 21st century to make money with programming skills is very easy and the developer is one of the highest paying jobs today I will introduce you the 6 highest paid programming language so let’s start.1.Perl Basically the Perl is a general-purpose programming language Perl is developed for text manipulation but now it is used to accomplish so many tasks including system administration, web designing, network programming, Graphical user interface development and many more. If you are Perl developer then you can earn up to $76K per month that is a huge amount. 2.Scala
Scala Programming language is mostly like Java, so if you are aware of Java programming language and syntax, then it's pretty simple to learn Scala. Further, but if you do not know much about Java but if you know other programming languages like C++, C or Python then you can easily learn Scala programming language. If you learn scala from basic to pro-level then you can earn up to $76K Per Month.3.Go
Go is a procedura…

SJF: Shortest Job First Scheduling Algorithm

What is Shortest Job First (SJF) Algorithm?
Shortest Job First (SJF) is an algorithm of scheduling which provide more efficiency to share CPU for every process.In SJF lowest execution time is selecting for the upcoming process to execute. SJF can be Preemptive and non-preemptive. This scheduling algorithm is faster then FCFS. SJF is stands for Shortest Job First.
Let’s understand more about this suppose you have four process in waiting stats and that are P1, P2, P3 and P4 and they takes time to execute in order to 3ms, 1ms, 4ms and 2ms.
So P2 has shortest execution time so that process execute first then P4 then P1 and then P3. Mainly there are two types of SJF scheduling Algorithm let’s see both..
Types of SJF
Non-Preemptive SJF
In non-preemptive scheduling when CPU assign to the process then the process holds the CPU until the process is terminated or reaches the waiting state.
Preemptive SJF
In preemptive scheduling when CPU assign to the process then if in any…

FCFS: First Come First Serve Scheduling Algorithm

What is FCFS (First Come First Serve) Scheduling Algorithm?
FCFS(First Come First Serve) executes the process one by one in the order to first come first execute. FCFS is one type of scheduling algorithm which helps to get more efficiency for the processor to execute all the processes. FCFS is the best, simple and easiest scheduling algorithm among all the scheduling algorithm.
In FCFS the processes which request for the CPU first that process executes first and this all processes allocation is managed by FIFO which means first in first out. Full form of FCFS is First Come First Serve.
Let’s Understand in easy words suppose if you have 4 task means four processes to execute and that four processes are P1, P2, P3 and P4If the process P1 comes first to the processor then it executes first then other remaining processes.
Example of FCFS Scheduling Algorithm
Let’s understand more suppose if you are standing in a movie ticket line to buy a movie ticket then that person gives ticket one by one …

Difference between process and program

To understand the concept of operating system you need to first understand the main two terms program and process most of the people are confused between them so let’s clear the confusion and start the topic of Difference between process and program.
Let’s consider both the term different and understand both one by one.
What is a Program?
A program is a set of instruction to achieve some output. Let’s understand by the example suppose you need to do something in firefox browser for that you have one instruction file named firefox.exe it calls program
Remember when you write some block of code and compiled it, then it generates .exe file for every code which is compiled.  
And here the remembering thing is any program never stored in primary memory it always stored in secondary memory and work through the kernel.
What is a Process?When you have an executable file like .exe  and whenever you run that code to generate the output this is the process. Basically the process is we can say the ex…

[Multiprogramming VS Multitasking] : Difference between multiprogramming and multitasking

In the Concept of Operating system, most of the students are facing problem in the difference between multiprogramming and multitasking so let’s clear the confusion.As we know CPU is a very smart and fast device it can manage so many tasks at a time and it completes the task very fastly and smartly as CPU the processor is also fast so to manage communication between them OS has many concepts like multitasking, multiprogramming and multithreading.
As we know when we assign any task then first it goes into the main memory. Suppose we give four task at a time then processor executes that all tasks one by one and suppose process 3 requires IO devices then CPU can’t wait more time so CPU let it be that process 3 and start executing process 4 and after some time it gets back to process 3 so it calls multiprogramming in OS.
There is some little bit difference between multiprogramming and multitasking suppose you give more than one task to the Processor then it ex…

{Break VS Continue} : Difference between Break and Continue in C

Let’s consider one of the most confusing topics among all that is loop control statements break and continue in c language let’s get started…Generally this both statement looks like very opposite but there is just a little bit difference between break and continue in c language so let's understand both the topic with example.   
Break statement in c
The break statement is used to terminate from the loop, suppose any loop contains break statement then if then that program executes and break comes into the picture and execute then compiler comes out of the loop no matter what is written after that the rest of the statement which is written after that will not get evaluated.Let’s understand break statement with one example here I write one program in this program you need to enter one number and here break statement only occurs when you enter negative number so come let’s see...