How fingerprint sensor works

                           How fingerprint sensor works

              We all are using smartphone and nowadays all are gadgets has fingerprint locks this time all people wants security and privacy so they make a lock on that devices and make that things private the fingerprint sensor come a cross the world on 2010 the first time fingerprint lock phone is i phone 5s this is the first ever phone who have fingerprint lock security and tat fingerprint sensor is very fast and easy to access.

But in today's generation every phone has finger print sensor and we must need it. this is the thing we check when we buy a new devices.

There are three types of fingerprint :

1. arch
2. loop
3. whorl
                 1.arch               2.loop                 3.whorl             

            Every person has different fingerprint and it is depends on genetics that's why we are using fingerprint.

There are two types of finger print scanner and there information is below :

1. optical sensor:

       when we set first time fingerprint lock in our devices we can tape our finger on surface with different angle and that sensor behind the surface that takes our fingerprint's photos with different angle and that sensor cut that commen part and generate different angle photos of our fingerprint and store it. and it identify our fingerprint with ridges and valley of our finger this two factors are most important in sensor.

       First sensor identify the ridges and valley and it take some key information from our finger and match that with that finger which we had submitted first time when we generate fingerprint lock. That key point are:

key points
1. ridge ending
2. enclosure
3. bifurcation
4. island

         But this sensor is not as much secure that we want because it just compare your finger with submitted finger and it is very easy to make full of this sensor so i am not recomanding this sensor to use.

optical sensor

2. capacitive:

           this type of sensor is much difficult and secure than optical sensor this type of sensor has many small capecitor and that identify fingers with the valley and ridges's size and angle and it generate some map of your finger print and when you try to unlock your device that match your finger print with that map and unlock your device this type of sensor is much secure then optical sensor so all phone has this sensor in devices not optical sensor.

          Then at the end that all depends on sensor which you have on your devices all devices have different type of sensor and different speed most off phone has capecitive sensor which is fast and more secure. It depends on acceptance rate of sensor mostly sensor's acceptance rate is 90% accuracy.

Capacitive Sensor

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