What is 5G Technology?

                                       5G Technology

    what is 5g technology: Friends, in our life, three more words have replaced bread cloth and house. Now we all use them more than phone, data, and social media and our lives have been connected to them. Every day we keep moving forward to make better use of technology, and keep thinking that we can get the data pack cheaply from anywhere so that we can connect the country with the world. 5g technology (5g) is going to knock in our country.

    High speed internet can be introduced in many countries by the beginning of next year. These countries claim that after the arrival of high speed internet, the speed of internet will increase by 10 to 20 times. After this, there will be some changes in our lives, will we all have to buy a new phone again? Like had to buy at the time of 3G and 4G. Will Internet reach every village? Before all these questions, it is very important to know about some basic questions related to 5G. So let us tell you today in our post "what is 5g technology " some important information related to 5G.
What is 5g.

5G Technology
5G Technology

    5g technology is believed to be the fifth generation of mobile internet whose speed will be much higher than the speed of today's internet and todays aera. Which will quickly and easily upload and download large data. This technology will be an example of better use of the radio spectrum as a whole, and it will simultaneously connect multiple devices to the Internet.

    Actually in today's time, the most videos are seen on mobile. This technology will increase the quality, high speed internet will make the city smart, and there will be many more which all of us cannot even imagine.

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    Imagine a flock of drones engaged in relief and rescue operations, or taking stock of the fire or keeping an eye on the traffic of the drones, which are interconnected without wires. And are in constant contact with the control center on the ground. With the advent of 5g technology, it is expected that automated cars will also be able to communicate better with each other and will be able to share the traffic and map-linked data live. The medical facility will become even better. Friends, there will be many more that will change our world, many new technology will be used.

5G Technology
5G Technology

    But friends have not yet fixed all protocols of 5g. It will work on high frequency ben, from 3.5 GHz to 26 GHz or more. Friends, in this frequency bench, the web length is smaller. But the problem is that the small wavelength can be easily stopped, so in order to transmit these millimeter waves, low-altitude telephone towers have to be installed. For those who are closer to each other, many transmitters will be installed, which will cost more. And telecom companies will start this service in India only by thinking on investment and benefits.

    Friends, tell you that this technique will be completely different from the 4g technique. It will work on new radio technology. However, it is not yet decided whether it will work in its original speed initially. Because everything depends on the investment and infrastructure of the telecom companies. Currently the highest speed at 4g is possible up to 45 Mbps.

    Qualcomm, the most famous and reliable chip maker, estimates that 5g will be able to achieve 10 to 20 times higher speeds with this technology.and the internet speed become 10 gb/s when document are uploading and 20 gb/s when document are downloading. it is 20 times gratter then 4G technology.

    You can imagine downloading a high definition movie in a minute or two. In most countries 5g (5g technology) service will be implemented by 2020. However a company in Qatar says that it has started this service i.e. 5g service in their country. South Korea will start this service by next year. China also plans to introduce 5g service by 2019.

5G Technology
5G Technology

How long will 5g come in India 5g technology in India:

    It may take a little while for 5g to arrive in India as Indian companies may not be able to invest heavily for this new technology. It will also be seen whether customers will be able to pay more money for this service i.e. 5g. In the Indian market, In such a situation, whether he will spend more on 5G will also be seen.

Now the question arises whether the phone has to be changed? So the answer is probably yes. Because when the 4G came, the phone had to be changed. We all know that ar phone can't run without SIM. most-of compny are working on this technology so we can enjoy 5G technology as soon as possible, so now wait for 5G to come. Until this service arrives in India, you should have fun with cheap 4G data pack.

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