What is Artificial Intelligence - AI

                                  Artificial Intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence?

    According to John McCarthy-the father of Artificial Intelligence, Artificial intelligence is the science and engineering of intelligent machine making, especially intelligent computer programs. AI is a way of creating a computer, a computer controlled robot or an intelligent software that thinks in the same way an intelligent human thinks.
    AI is the study of how a person thinks, how he learns a work, how he makes decisions and then how he learns from his past experiences by studying all these facts and designed an intelligent computer-based machine. In which AI goes through three processes which is as follows-

Artificial Intelligence - AI
Artificial Intelligence - AI

1. Learning:

 In this process, information and rules are uploaded in the minds of machines so that they can complete any task by following the information.

2. Reasoning: 

 According to the instructions given by the machines under this process, they proceeded to get the right result and reached a Right Conclusion.

3. Self Correction:

This is the third process of AI.

Artificial intelligence Philosophy

    Increasing computer capabilities, humans were forced to think, "Can a machine think like humans?" Thus AI was developed which can give higher results than humans.

Goals of AI

    1.Creating Expert System: Systems that can behave wisely, learn, teach, and advise users.
    2.Use of human mind in machines: Creating such machines can think, behave like humans.

What is AI Technique?

Many tasks in this world are unimaginable, disorganized, untouched, which are constantly changing. AI Technique is an easy way to organize and use knowledge efficiently in this way.

Types of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence - AI
Artificial Intelligence - AI

1. Week AI: 

 It is also called Narrow Artificial Intelligence. This type of AI is well-versed within a particular domain, meaning if your computer is expert in playing Chase Game then it cannot do any other kind of work except Chase. This is called Week AI.

2. Strong AI: 

 There is no difference between this and humans, this type of AI can easily do those things which humans do easily, hence it is called Strong AI.

Artificial intelligence applications

AI was prominent in various fields like-
Gaming: AI plays an important role in games like Chess, Ludo, Poker.

Natural Language Processing: It is possible to talk to the computer through AI which can understand human language.

Expert Systems: Such applications can be designed which can reason like humans and give advice to the user.
Vision Systems: These types of systems understand the Visual Input on the computer and can also explain them.

1.A spy airplane that takes photographs of the Earth that is used to make local information and maps.
2.The police can use the computer software to create the face of the criminal.
Speech Recognition: Some intelligent AI can understand and hear language sentences and their meanings.

Handwriting Recognition: Software made with this technology can understand the letters written on the story by their styles, and can also understand their shapes and make them editable.
Intelligent Robots: Robots can easily do human work. They have sensors to detect physical data such as heat, light, heat, cold, sound, speed, collision, pressure, etc. they have huge memory and ability to learn from mistakes. Not only this, they can also make themselves adapted to the environment.

Artificial Intelligence - AI
Artificial Intelligence - AI

Examples of Artificial intelligence:

Now we give you some examples in which Artificial Intelligence is being used.


     The work done by automation processes is controlled by the computer and Businessman also likes it because automation increases efficiency, quality, productivity in the work.

     There is a concern in society that automation may take away their jobs. However it is true. Automation replaces labor. Today many economists and sociologists are afraid that AI will take over many jobs and humans may get into trouble. If your job does not get in the hands of robots, then you have to be smarter than them. Not only this, even in Daily Life, AI will leave us unattended, even if it has entered our house, it can be done by robots from cooking to mopping in your house.

     Tata Consulting Services conducted a study in which 835 executives were involved. They said that using artificial intelligence in business is very important especially in competition.

Self Driving Car

    This rapid development of AI did not even leave Transport. Companies like Apple, Google and Tesla are using AI to make self driving cars. In self-driving, artificial intelligence learns the properties of braking, line shifting, non-shifting, preventing collisions, etc.
AI is doing wonders in medicine Recently a MIT team has designed an AI based model for the treatment of cancer.

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