What is cyber security?

                                          cyber security

   Hello friends, today I will tell you about what is Cyber ​​Security. This is a very interesting topic.Today all the work is being done online. The transaction of money is also being done online.When all the work is going online, then it should also be protected.Cyber ​​Security is used to avoid online theft or to keep data safe.If we define Cyber ​​Security, it is a type of security. It is used for things related to online.

what is the type of cyber security?

    There are also many types of cyber security. I will tell you about all cyber security types.And I will give you information about these cyber security types in detail.

what is cyber security:
For example, to keep data safe, you have to keep software and system safe.Nowadays the daily newspaper has news of cyber theft. So it is very important for people to be aware.

cyber security

1. Application Security

    We all use application security. And it is also very important to use it.We use it in our computer etc. Such as antivirus We use application security to prevent the deaf virus in our computer. And our data can be saved from theft or the system can be damaged.
Type of application security

   1. Antivirus
   2. firewall
   3. encryption programs

You can keep your system safe by using all these types of application security.

cyber security
Fire -Wall

2. Network Security

    This is also a part of cyber security. As you all know that your system is not safe from outside. Network security guards are used to protect network threats.
Network security protects internal network from threats. The security team is using machine learning to further strengthen network security. Examples of network security implementation

    1.new passwords
    2.extra logins
    4.antispyware software

3. cloud security

Cloud security is a software-based security. Which secures your data in the cloud.

4. Critical infrastructure security

    These are some physical systems on which the whole society trusts. Examples of critical infrastructure security

     1.Traffic lights
     3.electricity grid

5. Internet of things (IoT) Security

    It refers to critical and noncritical security in a wide variety. Such as Wi-Fi, Router, cameras, Printers etc. We have yet to know what is cyber security and what are these types.

Now we will know what is cybercrime.
cyber crime:

    Any kind of crime if the computer is used in it or any electronic device is used while using the internet. So it comes under cyber crime. People who do this work are called hacker or cracker. These hackers enter the website with the help of tools without permission. And steal data. The website owner does not even know anything.

Types of cyber crime:

1. violent cyber crime

    In this type of cyber crime, victims are given physical risk. Like Cyber Terrorism

2. Non-violent cyber crime

    In this type of cyber crime, the victims are not given physical risk, there is not much harm to the victim. Like Cyber Theft, Cyber Fraud

Now we will know what are cyber atteck.

cyber security

                  cyber security

cyber attack:

cyber security
cyber attack

In such an attack, the attacker attacks a website or a system so that he gets all the data of the system or website.
Types of Cyber ​​Attacks

    2.Denial of service attack
    3.Direct access attack
    7.Repudiation attacks
    8.Information disclosure attacks
    9.social engineering
    11.privilege escalation attacks
    12.indirect attacks
    16.Ransomware attacks

These are some attacks by which attackers hack our website and system.

Advantage of Cyber ​​Security:

    It is very important to have this in the modern era because many private and GOVT institutions keep all their data in the computer. And many hospitals also save all their data in the computer. If all this data gets attached to the attackers, then everything will get mixed up in the soil. That is why we need cyber security. If cyber security then daily a lot of data is stolen and there is a lot of loss.

Career in Cyber ​​Security:

    If you have interest in computer then you can do cyber security course. In the modern era, everyone needs cyber security. No private or government organization wants their data hacked. And today's era is of the entire internet. In this era, online fraud is happening very much. Due to which the need for cyber security has also increased. And career in this field can be your bright if you have skill. You get a very good salary in this career, its starting salary is 15 to 20 thousand.
You can teach this course in an insitute or you can also learn this course online. If you are thinking that this course requires computer coding. So let me tell you that this field does not require much coding. More work is done on tools. If you want a good job then you can make cyber security in hindi ppt or english ppt and show it in the company. Today you have known what is cyber security with what is cyber crime and cyber security.

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