What is internet?

                                         what is internet

What is the Internet?

    What is Internet  Complete information about internet: - Hello readers, today we have brought you such information, which is very important for you to know. Meaning friends, today we will talk about Internet. Friends, if we talk about the Internet today, it has become an important part and necessity of every person's life in the present day.

    Meaning that we can say that today without the Internet, the world will not run for a single moment because today the Internet will be everywhere, whether it is in the field of education or industrial area, or our house will be found in some form or the other, to tell the truth today. It became so much more important that in the world today a person can live without friend, without electricity, but once, he cannot live without internet.

    Talking about the younger generation today, whoever is engaged in mobile phones, friends, when the Internet is so important to us, know about the internet like what is its history, how the Internet works. So let's try to learn about it. As everyone knows that today's young generation has become so addicted to the Internet that they do not even care to drink their food. Friends, if we talk about Human's Day Today Life, then it shows us that human gives more time to Internet than his life. Today we are using Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. in which millions of GB Data is being uploaded, downloaded, and shared. But, friends, have you ever thought about how this is happening? If you have thought about it, how it will happen or how the Internet works and what the Internet is.

    And if you want to know about it, then you are getting the right post because today we are going to give you complete information about the Internet, such as what is the Internet, how does it work and what is the history of the Internet, when its beginning If you also want to know so much about the internet, then if you want to know this article till the last, then let friends know that about the Internet.


what is internet?

    Friends, Internet is a kind of wire, in which information and data keeps roaming around the world such as Text message, Image, Video etc. which we call Internet. First of all, let us tell you that there is no full form of Internet, but where it goes Internet Network Internet is the largest network in the world. With the help of which thousands of computers are connected to each other, through which computer information is exchanged from one computer to another. Friends, if it is spoken in a direct language, then the Internet Network is a huge network of the world and the same network is called Media or Transmission Media in the language of Internet.

History of Internet:

    The Internet was formed in the early 1969s by the United States Department of Defense of the United States Government and Networking of UCLA and Stanford Research Founder Computers. The name of which was named ARPANET was the first to send msg to the Military Force. If we talk about Internet in India, Internet was first used in India on 15 August 1995, when BSNL, the largest telecom company of that time, provided this service, initially Internet speed in India was 50 kbps. But after this, Reliance CDMA Service was launched in 2002, after which the popularity of running Internet has increased, since then Internet revolution has come in India, the result is in front of you.

    1.The ARPANET internet was first designed for the Internet, developed in 1969 by the American Defense Department.
    2.ARPANET was first used to send the army's secret MSG, since then sending MSG from ARPANET became quite popular.
    3.By 1984, more than 1000 computers had been added to the ARPANET network, which later grew slowly, and the result is in front of us.
    4.The first registered Internet Symbolic.com is
    5.Internet's first website Info.cern.ch started on 6 August 1991.
    6.There are more than 800 million websites on the Internet.
    7.People suffering from Internet addiction are treated in China
    8.Around 30 thousand websites are hacked every day in the whole world.
    9.Heavy traffic on the Internet is not by humans, but a large proportion of Internet traffic is done by a company like Google
    10.9 million adults in the UK have never used the Internet.
    11.About 2500000 MSG are sent every second on the Whats app.
    12.On 23 April 2005, the first video on YouTube was uploaded by Javed Karim titled Me At Zoo. Javed Karim created You Tube.
    13.More than 600000 searches are done on Google every second.

What is the meaning of Internet:


    For your knowledge, Or there is internet, but still we can tell you here in simple words that many computers are connected from one place to another computer or we can say that IPS system of one computer is connected to the IPS of another computer. Antarjal is called and this is the Hindi meaning of Internet.

How Internet works - How does the Internet Work:

    For your better information, tell us that 99% runs through Internet Cables, which is spread all over the earth and 1% of the internet reaches us all through the Minor Traffic Satellite. If we speak it in the right language, then the Internet is just like Is a medium that connects the servers of the world to almost all countries. Just as the satellite connects each other for traveling to different states, the Internet is a global system that combines many computers, meaning friends. Internet is a network spread by Cables inside the sea and the land. Keeps everyone connected to the Internet.

    Internet is not controlled by any government nor does anyone own the Internet, but it is such a huge and independent corporation that has a group of working hair like we told you that by laying cable in the sea, the internet should be extended to another country. Has been connected. Many companies have invested their money separately for laying cables in the sea, because of this cable, we are connected to the Internet and all these companies take money from small companies of National Level. Such as Idea, Vodafone, Reliance, jio and others who provide Internet to us and some Local Company also provide Internet to us. Such as WiFi, Hath way, Airline and all these companies pay annually to international companies like Idea, Vodafone, jio. Meaning friends, when we give money to the Internet, it all gives money to the company for the data pack and the National Company gives money to the International Company, but the International Company does not need to give money to anyone, now friends, you understand. There will be no owner of Internet but some company together provide Internet to all of us.

optical fiber cable
optical fiber cable

Benefits of Internet:

    If you use smartphone, laptop today, then you will be well aware of the benefits of Internet. Today, everyone in the world uses Internet somewhere. If we say that the Internet has made a lot of simple knowledge for human life today. With the help of internet today people from all over the world and get connected to the news of the world in a few seconds whether it is business, education, or someone else. Be it government, private offices, everywhere the Internet has created a revolution, let's know about some of its benefits-

Online Bill Payment:

    The biggest benefit of the Internet today is that the online payment is available today, with the help of internet, sitting at home with the help of credit card or bank, any bill whether it is electricity bill, mobile bill or online shopping bill, all like You can pay the bills in a few minutes.

Sent Any Information:

    You can send and receive anywhere from anywhere but with the help of the Internet, just like with the help of the Internet today, we can do Voice Call, Video Call, Text Messages on Social Media with the help of Internet today. Find it.


    Entertainment has become very easy with the arrival of Internet, we can enjoy the entertainment by listening to our favorite songs, videos etc. whenever and wherever.

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