What is web browser?

What is browser?

A web browser is a software program, that is, an application that we use to find any website, access them and read and benefit from the content inside those websites. Every different application has different functions. What is the use of the word web browser to run the Internet, just as we use Word for documents.

web browser
web browser

Defination of web browser

A web browser is a software program that allows the user to find and access web pages. Normally where the browser goes in a short form, the browser is used to view web pages inside the Internet. And what is used to access them. Also content that has been written using HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and XML (Extensible Markup Language).

How does a web browser work?

A browser is a software program that accesses content in the World Wide Web by searching web pages, images, videos and other files to the user. The browser says that it acts like a client that works inside a device. .Which work is to collect the inforamation and send the request. The web server sends the information back to the web browser and shows in the result display.

what is a default web browser?

If you are a smart phone user, you must have heard the name of this default browser at some time, but do you know what is this default web browser? Default browser means whenever you click on any link The browser will be open inside the same browser which you have kept on default. Let's understand in easy language.

We can install a lot of browsers inside our Android phone. For example, here I am taking 3 browser names one chrome, second Firefox and third Opera. But what I like most here is the Chrome browser but Firefox I want to do some surfing or browsing, then I want to have access to my Firefox browser. Now go to my phone and go to the settings and put Firefox in the default browser.

Now a friend of mine has sent me a link through whatsapp. If I want to see that then I will click on that link, now as soon as I click on that link, the link that is there, go straight to my Firefox browser Hope you will have understood the default browser.

types of web browser

There are many types of web browsers, meaning that the desgine or the user interface will be different, the rest of the work is the same. Whenever we get a new phone, then one or two browsers are already given inside our phone. One is Chrome and another browser and Firefox is also coming. At first it used to run only three or four browsers, but now you will get to see a lot of browsers in the playstore which bring more new features. Used to be. Even the most runs the Web browser List-

Internet explorer
Google Chrome
Mozilla firefox
UC browser
Microsoft edge
Opera Mini (Mobile)

web browser
web browser

History of Web Browser
The world's first web browser was the World Wide Web, which was created in 1990. The name of the company making it was W3 C, whose full name was World Wide Web Consortium and its director was Tim Berners Lee. In the World Wide Web, the Internet was there only, so the name was not stored, hence its name was changed to Nexus. The situation was not like today because at that time it was the only browser through which internet was run.
After that another internet surfing software was created named Lynx and it was based on text which did not have graphic content display.
To overcome this feat, a new surfer Mosaic was created in 1993, in which the image was supported. In this way Mosaic became the world's most popular browser at that time.
In 1995, Microsoft launched a browser in the market that we know today as Internet Explorer. This was the first Internet surfing program created by Microsoft, which is still used by people today.
After this, Opera started doing a research project in 1994 and then in the next 2 years it was made available for people to use. In a way, this was the beginning of the browser war when successive new Internet surfing software started being introduced in the market and the main competition at that time was between Internet Explorer 3 and Navigator 3 because of the completely new features with Microsoft Internet Explorer. was coming.

Web Browser Features
Every web browser is different from each other and you want to give the user a great experience. But without some features, the user's experience can be bad rather than good, so here we will learn about the unique features that are needed in a web browser. It does happen.

A web browser should be adept at accessing web pages in the Internet and should be able to find and display all types of websites. On the web you should be able to follow Hyperlink, you should also be allowed to type the URL to follow it. It should be easy to access commands such as these should be available in the form of Menu, icon and buttons. Options should be easily available to get online help.
When you access the World Wide Web and go to many websites, we like them a lot and are of our use. We allow them to go back to these sites in order to easily reach those sites again. One is that by going backwards in the currentsession and the other way is by bookmarking these sites, it can also be easily returned to them again. By using bookmark, you can keep the world web page listed. By using this list, you can easily visit the favorite website stored at any time. One of its main features is that along with giving information in the current page, you can also search these other information in the World Wide Web. In this, you can print out any information of any web page and send the document to other websites via email. These should be strict in handling text, images links as well as digital videos. Also, a good browser should be able to run animated content. There should be different plugins so that the option can be enabled as per the requirement and can complete its work.
It should also have the facility to enable cache so that the web page is easy to load and the load on the server is also reduced.

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