What is ethical hacking?

What is ethical hacking?

    So friends like you all would know about Hacking that anyone in hacking. The id and password of computer or any platform is hacked or removed without its owner's permission and then those things are misused. In Ethical Hacking too, computer, website, passwords are all hacked, but after their owner's permission or by learning motive they hack their own website or computer.

    So now you must have this question in your mind that why would someone hack your own computer, website, or passwords? So if someone's computer is hacked by a hacker, then taking the help of Ethical Hackers, that hacked computer is made safe. Or if you forget the password of your website or even the password of a friend, you can still know the password with the help of Ethical Hackers.


    Police takes the help of Ethical Hackers to track the location of any criminal. So for the government, they are asked to do hacking and are kept on job for which they are given good salary. So the difference between hacker and Ethical Hacker is that Hacker is hacking for their own meaning or to harass or take revenge on someone and Ethical Hackers do hacking for the government or to help.

So now you must have known what is Ethical Hacking. So let's now also know that Ethical Hacking is legal in India or Illegal.

Ethical Hacking Legal or Illegal -
    So I told you that Ethical Hacking is done to help someone or else for the government. So there is no harm in this. But if someone hackes someone's computer or anything and blackmails it or does any kind of bad work, then it becomes Cyber ​​Crime. Which can also cause jail. But there is nothing like this in Ethical Hacking, it is absolutely legal in India as well as in other country. So you can teach it carefree. You can also make your courier better by becoming an Ethical Hacker. There are many courses to teach it. If you do wrong things after learning hacking, then that thing comes inside Cyber ​​Crime and it becomes illegal.

Benefits of Ethical Hacking -

You all know what is Ethical Hacking but now I will also tell you the benefits of doing it.

    By becoming an Ethical Hacker, you can get a good government job. If you ever forget the password of one of your accounts, you will be able to remove it easily. Ethical hackers are also appointed by the company to secure information related to their company, for which they are also given millions. This is a very good profession, and you can also be famous in this field.

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Conclusion -
    So friends, I hope that you have enjoyed reading this article and you will understand what is Ethical Hacker. If you are interested in hacking then you must take a hacking course and you should become an ethical hacker and not a cybercrime hacker. As such, you will also get basic courses online, which you will know the basics after learning.

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