Google lens

Google lens


    There is a rule of time that we have to keep going with time or we have to update ourselves with time! If a person or company is unable to keep up with the time, then the condition of Windows is like Smartphones, so every company keeps updating itself, whether it is Apple or Google or any other company! In this link, Google has launched a new application called Google Lens!, Which Google launched on October 4, 2014! But it comes into the picture in 2020. in this world the things and the rules change by every country or city so if we are in any new city or country then we need to know about the things for that google launch the application named google lens.


What is Google Lens?

    Google lens is the one application which gives us information about any thing like for example if you are in china then you want to know about chines pot then you need to just open the application and take picture of that pot and google gives you information about that pot. Google is working to improve the experience of all Android users. This link has added Google Lens! Which was initially limited to Pixel Mobile only, but now Google gives it more level by putting Pre-Install in mobile and then Google has added this Application with Google Photos app, inside which you see the option below. Google Lens! Through which you can get information about different kinds of things!.

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Google lens

How does Google Lens work?

    Google identifies different things using Lens Artificial Nural Network! To get information about anything, if you have a Pixel Mobile, then just open the Google lens app, you will get the information, but if you do not have Pixel Mobile, then you have to take a photo of that thing and then take that photo in Google Photos Go to Open and select the option of Google Lens below, after which the information related to that photo will come on your mobile! Google Lens is also being gradually updated because initially it was able to give information about very few things such as getting information about a painting, etc., but now it has more things like films, flowers, roads and more. You can get information about this and you can also scan the QR Code from Google lens!

Google lens
Google lens

How to Save or Delete Your Google Activity?

    Everything you get information about from Google Lens is automatically saved in the activity of Google Account used in your mobile! If you want, you can try by going to link! If you do not want to save the activity related to Google lens, then you can see your activity by going to and then you can also delete the activity you do not want to save.

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