Top 5 technology in 2020

new technology - top 5 technology in 2020

We are living in mordean world and the world are continue changing so we need to updated and we need to change every seconds so here i am going to tell you about new technology and the new thing which are going to popular in future and that things gone to help us and are future babies. Here some updates coming from big IT companey and including google to they gone to launch new things and here that 5 big things that gone to change the world.....

new technology

                    new technology

5.Cyber Security

what is cyber security:
For example, to keep data safe, you have to keep software and system safe.Nowadays the daily newspaper has news of cyber theft. So it is very important for people to be aware.

Cyber Security

                            Cyber Security

1. Application Security

    We all use application security. And it is also very important to use it.We use it in our computer etc. Such as antivirus We use application security to prevent the deaf virus in our computer. And our data can be saved from theft or the system can be damaged.
Type of application security

   1. Antivirus
   2. firewall
   3. encryption programs

You can keep your system safe by using all these types of application security.

2. Network Security

    This is also a part of cyber security. As you all know that your system is not safe from outside. Network security guards are used to protect network threats.
Network security protects internal network from threats. The security team is using machine learning to further strengthen network security. Examples of network security implementation passwords
    2.extra logins
    4.antispyware software

3. cloud security

Cloud security is a software-based security. Which secures your data in the cloud.

4. Critical infrastructure security

    These are some physical systems on which the whole society trusts. Examples of critical infrastructure security

     1.Traffic lights
     3.electricity grid

5. Internet of things (IoT) Security

    It refers to critical and noncritical security in a wide variety. Such as Wi-Fi, Router, cameras, Printers etc. We have yet to know what is cyber security and what are these types.

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4.Cloud Computing

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is an online storage system that stores your data, software and programs online. In this, you do not need any internal or external drive.

It saves your file in the server itself. Suppose you have to move from one place to another, how will you keep your data with you? Cloud computing is the solution to this problem. With the help of internet in cloud computing, you can access your data from anywhere on any device.

Try to understand in easy language, using cloud computing means storing your files in a place that is not your local hoard drive. In this, your data is stored in the server and this server can provide your data to you anytime.

Cloud Computing

                     Cloud Computing

How does Cloud Computing Work?

Cloud computing works by two layers. Its first layer is front end layer and second back end layer. Actually it is able to do its work with these two layers.

The front end layer is the one you can see and interact with and the back end layer is the layer that you can neither see nor interact with. Actually, it has an architecture of hardware and software, which helps to show you the front end layer.

If you understand this from an example, you must be using Gmail, no matter how much data will be stored in it. Have you ever wondered where this data lives? Actually Gmail, Facebook, YouTube etc. all keep your data saved in cloudstorage. Whenever you enter your login ID and password, you get access to your cloud store.

You are given 15 GB free cloud storage in Gmail, which you can access from any device by entering your login ID.

Uses of cloud computing.

You can and do use cloud computing in many things, even if you don't realize it.

If you use the online service to send emails, edit documents, watch movies or TV, listen to music, play games and other files, we can say that all this is possible only with cloud computing. Has been found.

The first cloud computing services are barely a decade old, but already different types of organizations are adopting such technology for all sorts of reasons, from small startups to global corporations, government agencies to no avail.

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3.Big Data

What is Big Data?
    The data that we store. It was earlier in kilobytes. But now the same data is increasing from kilobytes to megabytes, more than gigabytes, to terabyte. The data that we store, whether it is stored in our computer or use 3g in mobile or 4g, it is a different thing. But this is nothing in front of big data. And this is a completely different thing. The old computer had a 4.5 gb harddrive. Every day we all generate around 3 to 4 million data i.e. around 30 to 40 lakh terabyte data all over the world.

    This data is the same big data. Here the data which is in different phones. The data is in different places. It is collected. Or is generated. Later it is also processed. So that we get benefit, and companies benefit. So that we can all get better services.

Big Data

                                    Big Data

    All the data that is available cannot be analyzed. The simple form of big data is that so much data, so much data cannot be analyzed in a normal way. For that, special hardware, special software. After that we were able to extract some of the work in it.

    There are many things here like what are you sharing on Facebook or whatsapp? What are you posting? What photo did your twit share? Which post did you write? Which photo did you like? What are you talking about on the phone? Where are you going Where are you not going. Where did you buy the goods from? What did you browse online? What did you purchase? What do you talk on the phone How much do you talk? There are a lot of things that go out of your mobile phone.
Apart from this, what things come out from place to place at work stations all over the world? What is the data of the flights flying around the world? What is the data of the worldwide traffic? What is the record of the patient who is in the hospital? Who is recovering what? Research is being done on which topic? There is so much support data here that is generated everyday.

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2.5g Technology

    what is 5g technology: Friends, in our life, three more words have replaced bread cloth and house. Now we all use them more than phone, data, and social media and our lives have been connected to them. Every day we keep moving forward to make better use of technology, and keep thinking that we can get the data pack cheaply from anywhere so that we can connect the country with the world. 5g technology (5g) is going to knock in our country.

    High speed internet can be introduced in many countries by the beginning of next year. These countries claim that after the arrival of high speed internet, the speed of internet will increase by 10 to 20 times. After this, there will be some changes in our lives, will we all have to buy a new phone again? Like had to buy at the time of 3G and 4G. Will Internet reach every village? Before all these questions, it is very important to know about some basic questions related to 5G. So let us tell you today in our post "what is 5g technology " some important information related to 5G.
What is 5g.

5g Technology

                            5g Technology

    5g technology is believed to be the fifth generation of mobile internet whose speed will be much higher than the speed of today's internet and todays aera. Which will quickly and easily upload and download large data. This technology will be an example of better use of the radio spectrum as a whole, and it will simultaneously connect multiple devices to the Internet.

    Actually in today's time, the most videos are seen on mobile. This technology will increase the quality, high speed internet will make the city smart, and there will be many more which all of us cannot even imagine.

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    Imagine a flock of drones engaged in relief and rescue operations, or taking stock of the fire or keeping an eye on the traffic of the drones, which are interconnected without wires. And are in constant contact with the control center on the ground. With the advent of 5g technology, it is expected that automated cars will also be able to communicate better with each other and will be able to share the traffic and map-linked data live. The medical facility will become even better. Friends, there will be many more that will change our world, many new technology will be used.

    But friends have not yet fixed all protocols of 5g. It will work on high frequency ben, from 3.5 GHz to 26 GHz or more. Friends, in this frequency bench, the web length is smaller. But the problem is that the small wavelength can be easily stopped, so in order to transmit these millimeter waves, low-altitude telephone towers have to be installed. For those who are closer to each other, many transmitters will be installed, which will cost more. And telecom companies will start this service in India only by thinking on investment and benefits.

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1.AI  What is Artificial Intelligence?

    According to John McCarthy-the father of Artificial Intelligence, Artificial intelligence is the science and engineering of intelligent machine making, especially intelligent computer programs. AI is a way of creating a computer, a computer controlled robot or an intelligent software that thinks in the same way an intelligent human thinks.
    AI is the study of how a person thinks, how he learns a work, how he makes decisions and then how he learns from his past experiences by studying all these facts and designed an intelligent computer-based machine. In which AI goes through three processes which is as follows-

1. Learning: In this process, information and rules are uploaded in the minds of machines so that they can complete any task by following the information.

2. Reasoning: According to the instructions given by the machines under this process, they proceeded to get the right result and reached a Right Conclusion.

3. Self Correction: This is the third process of AI.

Artificial intelligence Philosophy
    Increasing computer capabilities, humans were forced to think, "Can a machine think like humans?" Thus AI was developed which can give higher results than humans.

Artificial Intelligence

                        Artificial Intelligence

Goals of AI

    1.Creating Expert System: Systems that can behave wisely, learn, teach, and advise users.
    2.Use of human mind in machines: Creating such machines can think, behave like humans.

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