Five Generations of computer Full Explanation

Five Generations of computer Full Explanation

First Generation:

Let me tell you that which computer is being used everywhere today. This complex device was made in 1942 to the Computer of First Generation, which was limited to computation in a way, but as technology progressed, these computers were made more advance.

Vacuum Tubes Computer was the computer of the first generation. Was developed by J. P. Eckert and J. W. Mauchy. 

In these computers, 20,000 vacuum tubes, 10,000 capacitors and 70,000 resistors required 150,000 watts of power. 

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This computer was very large in size and it required a whole room to keep them. It weighed more than 1 tons. 

Due to the large size of the computer size, they used to generate a lot of heat, so they needed (AC) to keep them cool. 

Vacuum Tubes used computers primarily from 1940 to 1956. This computer was mainly used for calculation, hence the computer of this generation was also called ENIAC ("Electronic Numeric Integrated And Calculator").

First Generation
First Generation

Name of First Generation Computers:






Specialty of First Generation Computers:

    1.Many air conditioners were used in this generation computer.
    2.Use of Vacuum Tubes was used to develop these computers.
    3.It was very delicate.
    4.The drums were used for memory in these computers.

Second Generation:

The second generation computer used the Transistor instead of the Vacuum Tube which was much smaller than the first generation computer. And it had a much faster working capacity. 

The TX-0 Computer was the first computer to use transistors. Which was developed by William Shockley. Second Generation Computer was used (1956–1965) based on technology.

Second Generation
Second Generation

Name of Second Generation Computer : -

    1.IBM 1620

    2.IBM 7094

    3.CDC 1604

    4.CDC 3600

    5.UNIVAC 1108

Specialty of Second Generation Computers : -

    1.Use of Transistor was used to develop these computers.
    2.Languages ​​like Programming Language like COBOL and Format were developed.
    3.The printer and operating system were used in this generation computer.

Third Generatiion:

The use of I.C (Integrated Circuit) in the Computer of Third Generation was developed by Robert Noyce and Jack Kilby. 

Many devices were used to develop this generation computer such as - Transistors, Resistance and others electronic device. The use of these devices made the computers of this generation quite small.

The use of IC in computers helped in reducing the size of computers as compared to second generation computers, meaning that the computers in this generation had reached the person. And they were used in homes. 

In this Generation Time Sharing and Multi Programming Operating System was used. Computer of Third Generation was used till (1965-1975).

Third Generation
Third Generation

Name of Third Generation Computers:

    1.IBM-360 series

    2,Honeywell-6000 series

    3.PDP (Personal Data Processor)



Specialty of Third Generation Of Computers:

    1.I.C (Integrated Circuit) was used to develop the Computer of Third Generation.
    2.The working speed of these computers was very fast.
    3.Their size and weight was very low according to the First and Second Generation.

Fourth Generation:

In Fourth Generation, Micro Processor (Micro Processor) was developed which was used in Computer of Fourth Generation. 

With the use of microprocessor, this computer became very small, their performance was also very fast, these computers could be taken anywhere. 

That is why the computer of this Generation was known as Personal Computer. 

In this generation, computer high-level language like C, C ++ real-time programming was used. 

Devices such as Mouse, peripheral Etc were developed to run and promote the computer of this generation. Third Generation Computer was used until (1975–1988).

Fourth Generation
Fourth Generation

Name of Fourth Generation Computers:

    1.DEC 10

    2.STAR 1000

    3.PDP 11

    4.CRAY-1 (Super Computer)

    5.CRAY-X-MP (Super Computer)

Specialty of Fourth Generation Computers:-

    1.Micro Processor (Micro Processor) was developed at Fourth Generation.
    2.His work style was quite fast.
    3.Many tasks could be done simultaneously in these computers.
    4.More memory.

Fifth Generation:

Fifth Generation Computer was developed in 1988. It is also a Microprocessor-based computer. The computers we are using right now, such as laptop, desktop, notebook Etc. This computer comes under Fifth Generation itself. 

Fifth Generation Computer aims to develop devices that respond to natural language input and are capable of learning and self-organization. 

Today's computers are so advanced that they are being used today in college, engineering, building construction, space and other types of research work. 

Meaning that we can say that the computer of Fifth Generation has made human life quite easy. And today their utility has increased so much, it has become very difficult to work without a computer.

Fifth Generation
Fifth Generation

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