HR full form - HR Work in company | Full Guide

We heard this word HR and HRD again and again in daily life ,every company must need HR and HRD in there company. HRD plays vary big role in every company because it increase and decrease the revenue of company every company must need the good employee and the good handler of their companies employee.

But Most of the people did't know the full form of HR so here i am going to explain all the stuff about HR and HR full form.

HR full form - HR Work in company | Full Guide

So, full form of HR is HR-Human Resource
And full form of HRD is HRD-Human Resource Department.

Human Resource Department, which is also known as HRD. The term was first coined in 1960, which is responsible for the recruitment and withdrawal of employees in any institution. 

In simple words,the HR department is the most important part of any company or organization that recruit and remove employees according to the work efficiency, experience and requirement, besides protecting the employees.

HR Department Functions: 

Now you must have understood that the work of the HR Department is done by the recruitment of employees, in which they do a lot of work like -

    1. Search for qualified employees for an appointment.
    2. Remove a lot of vacancies and do a job post.
    3. Train Employee’s and teach them work.
    4.Taking care of the rights and obligations of employees.
    5. Ordering the withdrawal of employees, etc., when appropriate.

Role of  HR in company:

1. Policy Initiation:

Policy formulation and creation is one of the important functions of human resource management. 

 It is intending to solve problems of recurring nature or to prevent such possible problems coming in the field of human resource management that the policies of the company are made to communicate such basic superficial rules to the employees under which the organization works. Does.


 The HR manager assists the higher manager in the creation of policies on wage and salary administration, transfers, evaluation, welfare activities, human resource records and statistics, work environment, etc.


2. Consultative role

The consultant role of a human resource manager is very important. Linear managers face a variety of problems in their day-to-day functioning. 

These problems include complaints on the distribution of overtime, the annual increment of salary, transfer, promotion, disciplinary action, etc.

In all such cases, the HR manager can provide useful advice as he has knowledge of HR policies and practices, labour agreements, labour laws etc. He can advise on the creation of procedural guides for review and implementation of bulletins, reports and policies.


3. Linking Pin Role:

The human resource manager strives to procure and maintain good industrial relations in the organization. 

He is responsible for setting up various committees on discipline, labour welfare, security, grievances etc. He assists in arranging the grievance procedure for the diagnosis of complaints of employees.

He provides authorized information to union leaders regarding the HR policies and programs of the enterprise. 

He also makes higher management aware of the views of trade union leaders. Hence, it acts as a link between the management and the workers.

4. Representative Role

The HR manager usually works as a spokesperson for higher management or a representative of the company and communicates managerial policies and decisions that affect individuals in the organization.

This is why he has a good understanding of the overall image of the company's activities. 

Sometimes he also plays the role of representative of the workers in front of the manager, especially in the non-unionized organization, by putting forward their problems.

5. Decision-Making Role:

The human resource manager also plays an effective role in deciding on human resources related topics. He designs and designs the objectives and policies and programs of human resource management.

6. Mediator Role:

The human resource manager often plays the role of an intermediary in the event of a conflict between employees, or groups of employees, officers and subordinates, and even between the management and employees. Hence, it tries to maintain industrial peace and unity in the organization.

7. Leadership Role

The HR manager provides leadership and guidance to the workers and their groups. He arranges for effective communication in the organization and influences the workers to seek their cooperation in organizational objectives. He also works as a consultant, advising workers on their work and personal problems.

8. Welfare Role:

The human resource manager plays the role of a welfare officer in the organization. 

As a welfare officer, he is involved in the provision of the canteen, infants, transport, hospital and other welfare services for the benefit of workers and their family members.

9. Research Role:

The HR manager keeps records of the employees working in an organization. Based on the records.

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He or She researches in various personnel areas such as absenteeism, labour recurrence, drinking alcohol etc. and suggests suitable measures to improve higher management.

The role of the human resource manager in industry and the social role of human resource manager in industry and society is evident from the fact that personnel are an indispensable resource for carrying out any productive activity.

QnA for Human Resource

1.What are the Responsibility of HR in company?

Friends, an HR manager has many responsibilities. One of which is important responsibility -
Recruitment Process

    1.Posting Job Ads.

    2.Organizing Submitted Resumes.

    3.Taking interviews and accompanying in the process.

    4.Managing Time of Interviews.

2.What are the Payroll and Benefits Administration of HR in company?

    1.Reviewing payroll.

    2.Accepting Benefit Statements.

    3.Approve Invoice for Payments.

    4.Participation in Benefits Task for Company.

    5.The job of ensuring the time of leave and sickness is also that of an HR.

3.How can i be good HR in company?

If you want to do the job in any company as HR then you must need to follow some rules that make you batter HR.

Tip:1 You need to be professional
Tip:2 You just need to follow all the rules of that company
Tip:3 You need to consider all the employee same as do not treat anyone special.
Tip:4 Always help all the employee.
Tip:5 Be familiar with all the employee.

4.How do I prepare for HR interview?

As we all know that the of HR in any company is very big position so must need to be ready for that so and you need to take it very seriously so that you can qualify for that post. 

so first you need to prepare all the books related to the post carefully, first, you need to clear all the basics and fundamental it helps you a lot.

the second thing is to watch some YouTube videos of HR interview that helps you and another thing is for your help I will put one YouTube video of the interview it helps you.

Next thing is how to seat behind them you need to seat properly and straight and wear professional clothes like a plain shirt and pent.

Then try to play some mind sharper games like sudoku daily one hour it makes your mind sharp to give an answer to that person.

Read all the thing about HR from Google and I personally suggest that meet any HR who is now working as HR in the company and ask all your doubt that helps you otherwise you can also ask me in the comment section I will help you.

After reading this full article on what is the full form of HR and if you will resolve your all query then please appreciate me in a comment and if you have any query then you can also ask me in the comment section I will solve your all problems and for daily information do email subscription and thank you for reading this article. 



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