How to change jiofi password

How to change jiofi password

        Hello , friends today I am gone a show you what is JioFi and how it works so stay tuned with us and get information about this device….

What is JioFi?

       JioFi is a device which gives you hot-spot and it launched by jio telecom which is most successful company in India , Jio’s empire is more then 5000 CR  in inr there is million’s of employee work’s in jio company so JioFi is the product of  jio telecom.
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how to change jiofi password?

JioFi is a portable device like your smartphone which is use able everywhere it is most useable device because when you want internet an you are outside of your home and there is no wifi then you can just press on button and connect with your phone enter the password and you can access internet form that device here I am gave you more information about it…

You can call JioFi a small Wi-Fi Router. But the quality of it is that you can roam it anywhere in your pocket.     

JioFi is very easy to use. Just open it and put the SIM and battery in it. And after that, it has to be powered on by pressing its power button.

When it will be turned on, then after that you turn on your mobile or computer's Wi-Fi and after that, interconnect its password and connect it.

What is the price of jiofi?

         The printing price of ioFi is high but it is available in the Reliance Store for Rs 999. With this you will get Jio SIM absolutely free.New Technology 2020 - Google lens

What is the speed of jiofi?

         The average speed of ioFi is 10 to 25 Mbps which can also vary according to your location. You can know its correct speed only by using it.

How many device connect with jiofi at a time ?

With JioFi, you can connect 10 devices at once and use its internet.
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How to change jiofi password?

Here I am gone a show you how to change jiofi password?

Step 1:

To change the JioFi password, first of all connect your mobile or computer in which you have to use the Internet using the password given on JioFi.

 After this, open the browser in your computer or mobile. And type in http: //jiofi.local.html/ or and enter.

Here you can go threw link…

Here you can access with IP address….

Step 2:



After that link opens you can see login button at corner just click on that button…..

Step 3:

After that this type of page is open …

Then just add administrator as a username and password also….. then click on login button….

Step 4:


Then there is popup window open there and you need to click on ok button …

Then this type of page is open and you need to go to network and wifi configuration ……

Step 5:


Then just go to the password and change it  the if you want to change the name then go to SSID and change the name of your password as you want…..


After this all process just click on save button…

Then they ask you for confermation and you need to click on ok and logout from that…

If you like the article and if you able to change your password then don’t forgate to share the article to your friends and if you have any question then ask me in comment section I am gone a try to replay as soon as possible “thank you”……………

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