Soft Computing

What is computing?

If there is a feature in computer which takes any input and do some calculations on it and gives us output is called computing.

In computing the input was given by us is called antecedent and the output is called consequent and the process which done by computer on that particular problem is called formal method/algorithm/mapping function.

Soft Computing

So now question arise what is function. So function is the group of statement which takes any input and do work on it and we can say that make some operation on that problem and gives us output is called function. And particular functions does particular problem one function can’t solve all problems for example the c language's function sum is just doing addition of numbers it can’t do multiplication and other things so hope you are clear for function.

Here is the diagram that is help you to understand the computing..

antecedent→ Y=F(X) consequent

suppose here the function is sum function which doing addition of two numbers so here   antecedent is any two number like 4 and 5 so the function do the operation on it and gives us consequent as 9.
In function the operations are called control actions and we can say that steps also

Features of computing :

1. Precise solution
2. Unambiguous and accurate meaning
3. Mathematical model

What is soft computing?

Soft computing is nothing but when we give some input to particular problem and the given solution is imprecise is called soft computing or we can say the solution is not accurate  is called soft computing this is the key feature of soft computing

Soft Computing

And the another feature of soft computing is dynamic nature it means if suppose you are giving inputs 5 times or 10 times every time it must be give solution every time algorithm needs to work and give the solution it means adaptive nature it gives solution of any inputs of that particular problem
Another feature is uncertainty which means if you are giving input 3 and 4 to the sum function it must give the answer 7 and then again you gives input 4 and 3 then it gives some other answer like anything 8 or 9 or anything   it not happen in soft computing this features called  uncertainty.

Another two features is low solution cost and do not require mathematical model.
Low solution cost because it solution is imprecise and the feature do not require mathematical model means  every time that is not compulsery that function has mathematical steps in algorithm so hope you are now aware of soft computing

Tools of soft computing:

1.fuzzy logic
2.neural network
3.evolutionary/genetic computing

What is hard computing?

Hard computing is nothing but when you gives input to any function and the answer of that particular problem is precise then it calls hard computing
And here also as like soft computing feature of unambiguous is exist. There must exist a given algorithm or a mathematical model in which you can apply the control actions to manipulate the input problem.

Example of hard computing is array searching and sorting and many more.

Hard computing VS Soft computing



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