What is Dual Frequency GPS - What is GPS?


Hello, friends in today's aera we all are using smartphones and thair diffrent features and we make are life more comfertable and batter so today we are going to disscuss about one of that features.

What is Dual Frequency GPS - What is GPS?

What is GPS?

We all are travel from one to diffrent places sometime we know the root and sometimes we did't , when we did't know the root we ask for help to any local people but if there are no one at that place what to do at that time ,That's why scientest makes new features called GPS.

GPS-GLOBAl POSITIONING SYSTEM is the one of the best features of mobile phone in thins features you can add two diffrent places names and this features find the best root for you to go to that place this all system are connected to satellite and it manages threw satellite first it track your location threw your device and pin other location and it find and track the root with the help of GPS so this is very useful and importent features for are daily life and there are another features like this is DUAL FREQUENCY GPS system lets teach what is that.

Diffrent country has diffrent name of this features like named US GPS russia has glonass europe has galileo and china has BeiDou and many more...

In this worlds we all are used this features GPS for example:
(1)when we book a cab.
(2)when we order something.
(3)when we share location in whatsapp.
(4)when we are on trip and many more....

What is Dual Frequency GPS - What is GPS?

But there is many disadvantage of GPS like GPS is not as much accurate because there are many device around us at a time therefor signals are being rotated sometimes it shows 5 meter less accurate that;s why we are going to confues us that's why there is need for more accurate features and here is this DUAL GPS..


in DUAL GPS the main difference is the GPS has only one reciver and Dual has two reciver. it recives two different signal from two diffrent satellite and it gives 100%
more accurecy and it gives exact location and mostly it depends on satellite because this feature is new therefor old satellite does not support this and it also depands on smartphons too Mi 8 was the first phone where we can access dual frequency GPS features and then oppo reno 10x, 1+ seven pro, honor 20 pro and now many more,
What is Dual Frequency GPS - What is GPS?

because it has high processor, snapdragon 855 supports this features but every snapdragon phone does not support this features it has just one disadvantage it consume more power then GPS but it has solution too brodcom make spacial modam for less power consumption that's why we can use this features in are smartphone also...

So, Hope you get the answer what you want and if you have any question regarding this you can ask me in comment i'll try to answer you as soon as possible Thank You...

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