What is AutoCAD? | Basic Information and Guide

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What is AutoCAD


If you are a school student or college student, then knowing about AutoCAD can be very useful for you. With which you can get a full information about the AutoCAD topic in the future, depending on your interest, to do a job or business in this field.

Because at the present time AutoCAD fields are expanding rapidly. Hence AutoCAD can be a great career option for you. 

So what are AutoCAD? How can it be beneficial in future to gather information about AutoCAD Courses and learn about the qualifications required to learn this art? It is important to know the answers to all these questions.

What is AutoCAD?

AutoCAD is a 2D and 3D Computer Added Design and Drafting Software. This software is used for preparing blueprints and other engineering plans for Architecture, Building, Production etc. 

Designers using AutoCAD are also called "drafters". Simply put, AutoCAD is a design course. In which we are taught about designing a vehicle, big building and electrical plant etc.

And after doing this course successfully, you can prepare good design without doing any engineering course. Currently, AutoCAD software is being used by professional companies such as big companies, project managers, engineers and graphic designers.


History of AutoCAD?

AutoCAD was launched in the year 1982 as Desktop App. And it has been developed by a company called Autodesk. But in the year 2010, the Mobile App has also been launched by the AutoCAD company. 

It is important to know that while taking a look at the history of AutoCAD, most commercial CAD programs worked on mainframe computers and mini computers before launching AutoCAD. In which each CAD operator worked on different graphic terminals.

Also, it is important to know here that even before the launch of AutoCAD, people used to design and design buildings, vehicles etc. before construction. But before AutoCAD, this designing could be done in our brain or by some paper handwriting. 

But the invention of AutoCAD brought revolution in the world of designing, which succeeded in improving the design of an object or making an artwork of an object and presenting that design to the people.


What are the benefits of learning AutoCAD?

Your ability to make drawings and diagrams in computer can provide a better job or business qualification in other fields like electrical, mechanical, architect, civil draft etc.

Documents made in AutoCAD can be easily saved in any computer. Apart from this, the advantage of using AutoCAD is that we can share pictures or diagrams made by us with anyone. And the design created can be easily shared on cloud storage.

Drawing is much easier in AutoCAD than in traditional design. In which we can also use old designs in new designs. 

Which saves both time and effort. AutoCAD software helps in creating a better design through many features like copy, rotating, stretching, scale etc.

AutoCAD also displays the dimensions created in the design. And also shows those points with precision. Which we usually do not show in a handwriting design.

To re-edit or modify manually created images, the draftsman needs to create a new picture again. But with the help of the in-built tools present in AutoCAD, we can change any design and convert it to a new design.


How to learn AutoCAD course?

AutoCAD is very easy to learn. For learning AutoCAD, at present, there will be educational institutions near you where you can easily learn AutoCAD course

As you will be well aware that today we can learn many things online from home through internet. Similarly, you can get information related to AutoCAD.

Today we can learn many things from YouTube sitting at home through the Internet. Similarly, you can understand by watching many video tutorials related to AutoCAD. 

Apart from this, there are many logs on Google today, where articles related to information related to online AutoCAD course are available. So in this way you can start learning AutoCAD designing and after becoming a better designer you can start a company or even your own business according to skill and ability.


What are the areas where we can get jobs after learning AutoCAD?

If you have learned the Autocad course completely and now you are ready to give your services to a company or people, then the names of some main areas are being mentioned here.

    ➤AutoCAD Civil
AutoCAD Mechanical
AutoCAD Structural Detailing
AutoCAD Plant 3D
AutoCAD Architecture

And you can go to these main fields mentioned here. And with time, more improvement in your design and work experience increases, you can create your own business in addition to working in a company.

Here i show you one Example Image of AutoCAD..

What is AutoCAD? | Basic Information and Guide


Is graduation necessary to learn AutoCAD?

No, you can start doing AutoCAD course after passing class XII. And while working in any company, the company tests your skills more than your educational documents.


Which companies can we find jobs in after successfully completing the AutoCAD course?

If you are a good and AutoCAD designer, then you can easily find a job in a big company, here we are mentioning the names of some big companies.

Indian Railway
Tata motors
Reliance Industrial
And other big companies today are in great demand of an experienced AutoCAD designer. Because these days, these companies launch new attractive models related to their product which are designed by AutoCAD Designer.

After successfully doing the AutoCAD course, you can become a drafter, interior designer and architect and give your services to the people. You can choose these career options mainly after taking AutoCAD course.

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