What is kernel? / Types, How it works and Linux Full Explanation

What is kernel?

Hello friends, if you have knowledge about computer or you like to get information related to computer software, then you must have heard the name of kernel first, it is an important part of computer, so if you do not know what kernel is. 

And some similar questions are arising in your mind that what is kernel So let's see What is kernel and some information about kernel.

Why is it necessary for the computer, then it does not matter, just keep on posting this post because it contains I will know the answers to some similar questions, what is Kernel? 

What is its work and why is it so important for the computer, then keeping in mind all these questions, let us know about their answers.

What is kernel in linux?

Friends, Kernel is a very important part of the operating system of our computer, or in a way it is the base of the operating system, which serves as a message to the computer's hardware

There is a group within which all the necessary drivers or resources are required to run the computer, the kernel is the lowest part of the operating system and this part is very close to the hardware. 

That is, if any part of the operating system can directly interact with the hardware, it is kernel.


When creating an operating system, the first kernel is created, the kernel communicates directly with the hardware of the computer and it is the lowest layer of the operating system and our software is able to work only when they communicate directly or indirectly with the hardware. 

Because if our software can not communicate with the hardware then they will run on whom.

If you understand in simple language, then kernel is a group of some important resources which contains information about running the hardware of computer such as keyboard or mouse. 

Suppose if you are typing a document in your computer then if you document your computer. 

If you are typing from the keyboard of the keyboard, then you are currently using the resource related to the keyboard of the kernel, and if you are saving that file, then you are using the resource related to the hard disk. Be able to use.

The resources or drivers present in Kernel act as a translator between the software and hardware of the computer, which transforms the information given by the software into the language of the hardware and sends the input from the hardware to the software.

Types of kernel

There are four types of kernel in a computer.

Monolithic kernel

This kernel is a very popular kernel. It provides us a very high level virtual interface on computer hardware so that we can run very dynamic software very easily. 

Such kernel has many features such as device drivers. Can also be added separately as a module. This kernel is mostly used in linux.


This type of kernel is made up of minimal resources, it works almost as much as the work that an operating system needs to run. 

Such kernel is not used much today but used in servers. Goes because we do not need a lot of resources to run the server.

Hybrid kernel

It is a mixed version of both kernal Monolithic and Microkernel and is also the most used kernel. It is used in large commercial operating systems such as Microsoft Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 etc. and also in Apple's Mac OS. 

They are used like Microkernel but to a large extent also have the functionality of Monolithic kernel.

Nano kernel

Such kernals are smaller than Microkernal and use a very small amount of memory. It is made for many customized operating systems.

kernel's Functions

I / O management

All types of devices such as Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor, Printer etc. when request is sent by any software or request is received from hardware, that request is managed by kernel itself and the above Input or Output is done. 

And when many requests come together, it also manages them.


Device management

For almost every kind of urgent work, the process requires a hardware or device installed in the computer and Kernel connects that process to the hardware or the above mentioned device. And also manages different devices for all these works.

What is kernel?


Memory management

Friends, here memory management directly means RAM management, we all know that all the software or resources we are running in our computer are within the RAM at run time which kernel only manages. 

If we If you run a software that is larger than the storage of your memory, then our kernel manages it very easily and runs all the software alternately.


Resource management

It is also the kernel's job to manage all the types of resources that are kept in memory and running in the system, how to store all these in memory and if some resources or processes are to communicate with each other then by kernel He knows to run. For this, kernel also provides many different methods.


Process management

Kernel is also responsible for managing all the processes running in the computer. 

It manages the process running in different threads in the computer if the two processes which are being run separately communicate among themselves. 

If you want to do this, kernel provides a method which is called Inter-Process Communication. Apart from this, kernel provides many different methods which are used in different works.


How does Kernel work?

As we have already known that the operating system needs kernel to communicate with hardware and that is why it is used. Let us see another example of this -

Suppose you have to remove a print by typing a document, then you will first type that document using your keyboard and then press the print button and remove the e-print of that document through the printer.

But in this main process hardware ie keyboard is our Communicating with software and after that our software is from hardware i.e. from the printer but all this with the help of karnal.

It is possible to get the input from the kernal keyboard first and change it from machine language to normal language. And after all this, we see all those words on the display. 

After that, as soon as we press the button of Print, our software sends the print message to the operating system and the operating system has to pass and the kernel again with normal. 

The machine converts to language and then gives all the data to the printer with a message and the printer understands that message and prints the document.

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