What is a barcode? - How does barcode work Full Information

You must have heard the bar code name, so in today's post, we will know what is barcode Because this bar code is a name that is on every product that comes to our home today like soaps, creams, oils, biscuits. Like if you have ever gone shopping in a mall, then you must have seen that when we buy a product and when we pay it ..

So the worker in the mall scans the barcode on that product. But now the question comes to mind. What is the last time code. Or what happens in it so that the price of that product is known. 

When anyone buys a product, such questions related to the bar definitely come up. And we try to learn about it too, but getting this kind of information is a bit difficult today.

What is a barcode? - How does barcode work Full Information

If you are searching this bar code on Google and reading this post, then you will also have many kinds of questions related to bar code in your mind and would like to know about them. So, there is no need to worry. Because in this article of our day, you will get answers to every question related to bar code. 

Just you have to read this article carefully to get more information about this subject. So that you can get every information related to the What is barcode in this article. So let's know about it in detail.


What is Barcode?

Barcode is one such format of print number and line behind any product. With the help of which information related to that product like quantity of product, price, etc. is extracted. The use of bar codes is mainly used in business today. 

It is made entirely using technology. Which is very small in appearance. But let us tell you that 95 lines of black and white color are present in this small bar code. 

Which divide into different ports. Scanners are used to understand or read these black and white lines, so bar codes are also called price scanners.


How does barcode work?

The machine used to understand the reading of barcodes. There is a kind of light in that machine

One can scan the given line in the bar and find out the exact quantity, price information of that product so let's understand how barcode works?

Talking about how this system works, as we told you above, the 95 lines of black, white and white color in the barcode are present in a certain number like 980 38 in such a way that it is present in different columns. Different means.

Now when this barcode is scanned. So when there is no light on scanning through the bar machine, it means that the machine is scanning the first column of the barcode. This means when the machine burns when scanning the barcode.

That the machine is reading the second 0 of the barcode, and 0 in any product means what kind of producer it is, what is its quantity. And this is how bar code works.

Friends, for your important information, tell us that the number written in each barcode has its own different meaning which shows the correct information of the product.Free Online Barcode scanner


How does a barcode scanner work?

If we do not have the technology to read barcodes then having barcodes is of no use. Barcode scanners have to be able to read the black-and-white zebra lines on the product very quickly and feed that information to a computer or checkout terminal that can quickly identify them using the product database so let's Understand How barcode scanner works?

Here we see how they work it out. For a simple example, assume that barcodes are simple on-off, binary patterns with each black line 1 and each white line a 0 (zero).

A simple number diagram that shows the parts of the UPC barcode scanning system and how they work.

Light barcodes are again reflexed into light-detecting electronic components, called photoelectric cells. The white areas of the barcode reflect the most light; Black areas are the least reflexes.

As the scanner moves past the barcode, the cell produces a pattern of on-off pulses corresponding to a black and white strip. 

So for the code shown here ("Black Black Black White Black White Black Black"), the cell will be "Off Off Off On Off On Off Off".

An electronic circuit connected to the scanner converts these on-off pulses into binary digits (zeros and ones). The binary digit is sent to a computer connected to the scanner, which detects the code as 11101011.

In some scanners, there is a single photoelectric cell and, as you move the scanner head beyond the product (or the previous product of the scanner head), the cell in turn detects each part of the black-white barcode. 

In more sophisticated scanners, there is a full line of photoelectric cells and the entire code is detected at once.

In fact, scanners do not detect 0 (zero) and 1 and do not produce binary numbers as their output: they detect sequences of black and white strips, as we have shown here, but they are digitally Converting directly to a number gives a decimal number as their output.


History of barcode?

This structure is a way to store the information of a product in which all the information related to that product is stored such as which company made it and what is its value, all this information is stored by coding in barcode which is only used by barcode reader Can be read with help so let's see History of Barcode

It was invented in America in 1951 by Norman Joseph Woodland and Bernard Silver. Previously it was based in Morse code, it took 20 years for this invention to be commercially successful.

The first to be successful was in 1960 by General Telephone & Electronics (GTE) car track made by ACI

Barcodes An American company used in cars by the Association of American Railroads used to store the car owner's name, car model number and car number. This feature was then commercially successful.

When it was used to do super market automatic checkout, it was then used in many other functions such as "automatic identification and data capture" and "universal product code". The barcode was scanned for the first time on 26 June 1974.


How to create a barcode?

Friends, if you have a shop or you have a business. And for that you want to make Barcode. So for this you do not need to bother at all, because it is very easy to create barcodes so let's understand How to create barcode?

What is a barcode? - How does barcode work Full Information

Meaning that there are many online options for this, from which you can create barcodes for free. Now, for this, we have told step by step below, by following which you can make a shape for scanning quite easily.

For this, I will tell you every step, you kept following that step and you can make your own barcode.

To make this, you must first visit the official website of barcode https://barcode.tec-it.com/en.

After visiting this website you will get the option of Online Barcode Generator.
Below that there will be options such as Linear Codes, Postal Codes, 2D Codes, Banking and Payments Codes, such options will be selected to select the work for which you want to create a structure.
Fill the option with the correct information and submit and click on the generated code. 
After that you can download your generated structure.


What is the type of barcode?

There are mainly two types of this, which is as follows.

    1.Linear or 1D
    2.QR (Quick Response) code or 2D


1.Linear or 1D

Linear or 1D has to handle its usual household products like soap, cream, oil, pens etc. Whereas QR (Quick Response) code or 2D is used in applications like PAYTM.


2.QR (Quick Response) code or 2D

2D can store more data than 1D and 2D is more usable. Because 2D is faster than linear and if any part of 2D is damaged, it can still be scanned but it is not so in Linear or 1D.


Use and benefits of barcodes?

If you are fond of shopping, then almost you will know about its benefits. How through this, any product price, quantity is removed in a short time, almost everyone knows this, but there are many other benefits of barcodes.There are so much benefits of barcode Which you can read below-

This saves time during payment while purchasing the product.
By using this, the mistake made during the payment can be prevented. 
The barcode tells the price of a product that is set by the company making it, no other person can change it, then the product taker only has to pay the actual price.Only one person can pay a lot of goods, so there is no need to keep more people for payment at the shop.There is no mistake in reading the value of the product.Product information can be stored very quickly.


Barcode Disadvantages?

Friends, we all know that where anything is as beneficial. He never had the same disadvantage. In the same way, there are as many benefits of this feature, nor are there any disadvantages of barcode- which is as follows.
A barcode reader is required to read this shape, without this we cannot read the barcode. If the structure is damaged or is not correctly visible there on which it is built, then the barcode reader cannot read it. It cannot be updated which means once the price of a product is stored in the barcode, it cannot be changed. If the system fails while reading the code, then all the list fails and all the products have to be scanned again. In order to store the data it is necessary to coded the data.


Importance of barcode?

What is a barcode? - How does barcode work Full Information

You can read what the importance of this would be here.

With its help, it helps to understand the products like which product belongs to which company and what is its price and get information about the products and company.

With the help of this, we do not have to remember the value of things because all the information about that product is already stored in the barcode.

With the help of this, there is no mistake in the value of the products and also saves time.


Questions & Answers


(1) How can I create my own barcode?

Anyone can create there own barcode using this Free online barcode generator try it now and generate your free own barcode now.


(2) What is the use of barcode?

Barcode is used for to identify any particular thing which is different from another things.let's take an example if you have one basket and in that basket you have 10 soaps from one company but they all are manufactured on different days so how can you find which one you want. so for that you can put barcode on soap and you can easily find what you want.


(3) Are barcodes universal?

Yes, when you create any barcode then it works in hole world any where you can scane that barcode.


(4)Are barcodes unique to each item?

Yes, Every barcode is unique and every barcode has there own information.

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