What is an input device - Types, Definition and Explanation

What is an input device?

Input device is that through which we communicate with computer. With its help, we make our  instructions input in computer. Then the computer works according to the eta and instructions given by us.

Input Device is not directly built into the CPU and they are separately connected to the CPU, hence they are also called Peripheral Input Device. Different Input Device is used in computer for different purpose of which keyboard and mouse are the most prominent.

Types of input device:

1.Typing Input Devices:

Input devices input text, character, numbers, etc. are called Typing Input device. Among these are the popular keyboard.


It is a typing input device. It was designed to input text and characters. It is a peripheral to a computer, similar to the keyboard of a typewriter. It is a physically plastic rectangular box made of plastic keys. The number of keys in different keyboards also varies. The Windows key-board consists of 104 Keys. There are many types of keys in the keyboard

What is an input device - Types, Definition and Explanation

Like - Alphabet, Number, Symbol, Function Key, Arrow Key and some special types of Keys are also there. We can divide its keys into six parts based on the key-board structure.

Type of Keys in keyboard


Alphanumeric Keys is located in the center of the key-board. Alphanumeric Keys include Alphabets (AZ), Number (0-9), Symbol (@, 4, 5, 6, *, ", &, +, I). In this section there are four keys Tab, Caps, Backspace and Enter for some special functions in addition to the numeral, symbol, and alphabet.

(2)Numeric Keypad:

Numeric keypad (Numeric Keypad) has about 17 keys. Which have 0 - 9 digits, Mathematics operators like - +, - ', / or Enter key.

(3) Function Keys:

There are 12 function keys at the top of the board. Which is up to F1, F2 ....... F12 These keys are made for special functions. The functions of these Keys also change as per the software.

(4) Cursor Keys:

These are four types of Keys. UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT are used to move them in all four directions. UP, DOWN, LEFT and RIGHT are used to move the cursor in all four directions.

(5) Modifier Keys:

It has three keys whose names are SHIFT, ALT, CTRL, they are of no special use when pressed alone, but when used with any other key they change the input, hence it is called modifier key. is.

(6) Special Purpose Keys:

These keys are used to perform some special tasks. Such as Esc, Sleep, End, Volume, Start, Shortcut, Tab, Insert, Home, Delete, Power, etc.

2.Pointing Input Devices:

Input Devices that are used to select an option on the screen are called Pointing Input Device. By the way, we can also use the key-board sortcut to select the option but it is very easy to do this task with a pointing device. There are following types of pointing device.

(1) Mouse:

Mouse is a pointing Input Device. At present, it is the most popular Pointing Device used to create images or graphics as well as to click on a button or menu. 

Holding the mouse by hand, in the direction we rotate the pointer in the screen also rotates in the same direction. With this help, we can control our pc without using the keyboard. 

Normally the mouse has two or three buttons with the help of which instructions are given to the computer. These three buttons are left click, right click and scroll, which are used for point like mouse functions like.

What is an input device - Types, Definition and Explanation

clicking: to select an object such as - File, Folder, Option.
Double Clicking: is to open or run an object.
Right Clicking: To see the options related to an object.
Drag & Drop: moving an object from one place to another.
Scrolling: move the currently opened Document Pages upside down.

(2) Trackball:

Track lyrics is a pointing input device that acts like a mouse. It has a raised ball and some buttons. While holding, you usually have your thumb on the ball and your fingers are on its button. 

To rotate the pointer on the screen, we spin the ball with the thumb. The trackball does not need to be rotated like a mouse, so it occupies relatively less space. Therefore it is used in small devices like Laptop, Mobile.
What is an input device - Types, Definition and Explanation

(3) Joystick:

This device is input device and we used this to play video games. and it used by children to play games on the computer. Because it is an easy way to teach computer to children. 

By the way, all computer games can be played by key-board, but some games are played at high speed, for this, you can play with easy joystick, children do not feel comfortable in those games, so Joystick is used.

It has a handle (stick) that rotates in the same direction in the direction the object displayed in the screen.

What is an input device - Types, Definition and Explanation

(4)Light Pen:

Light Pen is also called Styles. Light Pen is used to make any picture or graphics on a computer screen. Light Pen has a device similar to a photosensitive pen. 

Which is used to select the object on the screen. Any graphics created with the help of Light Pen can be stored on the computer and can be improved as needed. 

They are commonly used in Palmtop pc computers such as smartphones, tablets, PDAs etc.

What is an input device - Types, Definition and Explanation

(5) Touch Screen:

Touch screen is an input device. It has a sensitive display with which the user selects a menu or an object on the screen using his fingers because of a pointing device. 

Even if a user does not have much knowledge of the computer, it can be easily used. Whenever we click on any part of the Touch Screen with our finger, it generates a signal which goes into the CPU for processing. 

Touchscreen is used in smartphones, tablets, pda, etc. Also, nowadays it is used in railway stations, hospitals, shopping malls, ATMs. It has started happening in the beginning.

What is an input device - Types, Definition and Explanation

(6) Digitizing Tablet:

Digitizing Tablet is also known as graphics tablet. It is an input device that is used to create a drawing or graphic in a computer. 

It also has an electronic display with a touch screen in which anything is drawn with the help of style. We later save the drawing made by us in digital form in the memory of the computer. 

Digitizing Tablet also has some buttons. Digitizing Tablet Tablet also contains trackball.

3.Scanning Input Devices:

A scanner is an Input Device. It inputs the shape or written information on a page into a computer. Its main advantage is that the user does not have to type the information, which saves time. 

Thus we can say that scanning is a process in which Document | Hardcopy-to-Softcopy Conversion occurs directly. 

There are many types of scanners available for pc nowadays, some of which are important scanners

(1) Image Scanner:

Image Scanner is the most popular screener used in schools, colleges, offices everywhere. This is a common type of scanner that scans the information or picture written on paper and creates an image file and saves it in the computer's memory. 

It has a flat surface on top of which the scanned document is placed. We can also easily edit the image created by Image Scanner. 

There are many types of Image Scanner currently available, with resolution starting at 300 DPI. Here Resolution means the qaulity of the document scanned by scanner. 

The higher the resolution of the scanner, the better will be the quality.


(2) OCR:

Optical Character Recognition or OCR is a technique used to scan a particular type of symbol, letter or number made on paper. The OCR Document scans the symbols and underlines as text that reads the characters printed from typewriters, the character of the cash register and the character of the credit card as data for further processing. 

OCR to scan these characters Light shines on the paper so that the dark area of ??the paper absorbs the light and the light area reflects the light. 

OCR converts letters written on paper into text by reflecting these. OCR scans only the special type of font axes called OCR standi which are already stored in the computer.


(3) MICR:

Magnetic Ink Character Recognition is a widely used scanner in banking where people have to work with large numbers of checks. 

It is called MICR for short. MICR is used to scan a character printed with magnetic ink. 

It scans letters with magnetic ink written on machine checks. Like OCR, it also scans characters with special types of fonts called MICR stadderr which are already stored in the computer MICR is very fast and automatic. 

It does not make mistakes, hence it is considered a reliable means for processing documents related to the bank.

(4) OMR:

OMR or Optical Mark Reader is a device which checks the presence and absence of a pencil or pen mark on a paper. 

This is true for the answer book in the exam The OMR highlights the answer book and the reflected light is checked. Where the mark is not present, the reflected light intensity will be higher than that part of the paper, thus the OMR finds out which option the student has ticked and then sends it to the computer for processing. 

The correct answers to all the questions are already loaded in the computer, so the computer matches the information received from the OMR with the correct answer and gives the student a correct answer.


(5) BCR: 

BCR is a simple and inexpensive method of converting text related code into bar code products. In which bar code reader (BCR) is not repeated. 

BCR is used in two shops and shopping goods. Usually bar codes can say a group of parallel lines of bars and blanks. In this, coding is related to the product such as name, address etc. are stored. 

Subsequently, the data stored in the bar code is read by the bar code reader which sends the data from the bar code to the computer for processing. Finally the computer bills according to the data received by the BCR.


4.Audio Visual Input Devices:

Audio visual is that input device which makes sound and visual input in computer. They are used for audio-visual recording. 

With their help, we can also give input by speaking, which the computer converts into text data. This technique of giving voice input is also called Voice Recognition.



Microphone is an audio (sound) input device with the help of which the sound is interchanged in the computer. Microphone is a device that converts our voice into digital data. It is also called Mike. 

It is used as an input device in the computer. With the help of this, we can insert audio data into our computer, that is, we can record and save audio. Also, we can also type in our computer using Voice Recognition. 

 It has a device that recognizes our voice and types it. For this, all you need to do is to connect your microphone with your computer and then speak the mic that we want to type. 

Typing in this way saves us time but for this we have to correct the pronunciation exactly otherwise the wrong data input goes away.

What is an input device - Types, Definition and Explanation


(2)Digital Camera:

Digital Camera is an audio visual input device with the help of which the sound, scene, photo, video (video) is entered into the computer. 

It is a device that converts a scene into digital data. Through this, while storing photos and videos, we can also see it on the screen as well as add various effects to it. 

Although the use of Digital Camera is the most in the film industry, but today even the common people are not untouched by its use. 

Today everyone has a Digital Camera. Then whether it is purchased separately or available with mobile, laptop, Digital Camera costs from five thousand to millions.

What is an input device - Types, Definition and Explanation

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