What is utility Software - Types of utility programs full Guide

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Most operating systems have multiple utility programs. These are a type of system software that usually deals with managing a computer, its devices or its programs. 

They are also called utilities. You can buy utilities separately which increases the efficiency of the operating system. Some utilities are web-based utility services. 

What is utility Software - Types of utility programs full Guide

To use them, you pay an annual fee that allows you to access the web and use the utility program McAfee and Norton provide web-based utility services.


What are utility Software?

In computers, a utility is a small program that adds capabilities provided by the operating system. In some uses, a utility is a special and redundant part of the operating system.

An example is the print "utility" that comes with the operating system. This program is not absolutely necessary to run, and if it does not come with the operating system, then you can probably install it. 

Among other uses, a utility is an application that has very specific and relatively limited capabilities. A good example of this is search and replacement utility. Operating systems are limited capabilities of search and replacement utilities for a given character strings. 

You can install more Capable Search and Replacement Utilities that run as an application program.


Types of utility programs?

File compression

The file compression utility is used to shrink the file size Storage media space is left Because a compressed file takes less storage space than an original file. 

This increases the performance of the system. A compressed file usually has a zip extension, it is also called a zipped file. 

To compress or unzip, you restore it in its original form PickPipe and WinZip are two popular stand-alone file compression.



There is a utility called Uninstaller, which removes the file entries associated with this application from an application and your system file. 

When you install an application, the operating system records the information that is used to run the software in the system file

If you remove the application, delete files and folders without running the uninstaller, and remove the application from the open computer, the system file entries still remain in your computer Friends, most operating systems have an uninstaller.


Disk scanner

Friends disk scanner is a utility that searches, detects and corrects the problems of hard disk or floppy disks and removes unnecessary files. 

Windows has two disk scanners, one detects the problem and the other searches for it and removes unnecessary files like temperature files!


screen saver

Friends screen saver is such a utility If for some time there is no activity with the keyboard and mouse, then the screen saver produces a moving image or blank screen on the monitor screen. 

What is utility Software - Types of utility programs full Guide

When you press someone on a keyboard! Or move the mouse, the first display image on the screen returns, Screen savers are popular in business or entertainment as a protection purpose. 

To protect your computer, you can configure your screen saver, so that a user must type the password to stop the screen saver and re display the image beforehand.


Clipboard Managers

Clipboard managers extend the clipboard functionality of the operating system.


Disk defragment

When the operating system stores data on disk. So it keeps the data in the first available sector on the disk. Although it tries to store data in continuous or adjacent sectors, it is not always possible that when the contents of a file are scattered in two or more continuous sectors, the file is fragmented. The data is slowed by accessing and slowing down the performance of the entire computer.  

Defragmentation of the disk solves this problem and in file continuous sectors Hope not is stored friends to everyone what it is today utility programs you may have all come to know and everyone will come to our post like that. 



File Archiver is a computer program that combines multiple files at once, so that they can be easily transported or stored. File archivers reduce file size.



Anti-virus utility scans the computer for viruses and removes them. Antivirus software is a program that searches the viruses coming into the computer and deletes them from the computer and prevents them from entering the computer. 

This makes our computer more secure. If you use the Internet on your computer. So eating virus malicious on your computer is very easy. 

Because there are so many websites on the internet that do just this thing that putting viruses in people's computers and hacking their computers, making their data corrupt, then to avoid all these viruses malicious, we used antivirus in the computer Huh.

Internet usage has started to be much more than before. This is why there is a danger of getting even more dangerous viruses in the computer than before and not all viruses work the same, some viruses are just to hack your computer, some viruses are meant to spoil your data and Some viruses are very dangerous, which can lock your entire computer data and ask for a ransom in exchange for unlocking it.


Data Synchronization

Data synchronization technologies are designed to synchronize a set of data between two or more devices.


Backup Software

Do you know what Backup is? Have you ever backup anything? If you have ever done a backup, then you will know about Backup. 

Backup software stores copies of all information on the disk and helps restore this backup when data is lost. If you are using a computer or a mobile device and if any of your important data is lost, then we have a lot of trouble about it because this data is very important for us. 

In this case, if there is a backup of those data, then we can recover the data from it one more time.

By the way, if I tell about Backup, it is a process that uses it to make many copies of the original data, so that they can be used when the original data is destroyed. At the same time, backup is very useful for us. 

With this, even if the data has to be accessed from some other place, Backup is very useful for us.



Cryptographic involves writing or generating code that keeps information secret. Suppose that if a user manages to access certain information, then it is quite necessary for us to ensure that the user cannot access those information.

This requirement is taken into account by cryptography mechanisms, which operate on the idea that it is not possible to ensure access control, cryptography is preferable to prevent understanding of information.

What is utility Software - Types of utility programs full Guide

Cryptography is used to prevent potential sender and receiver of messages. Modern cryptography is based on a key secret that is distributed to a selected computer in a network and is used to transmit messages.


Disk Space Analyzers

Disk Space Analyzer displays the visualization of each folder (including subfolders) and file size in the folder or drive, so that users can know what data is taking up how much space.

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