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If you are searching for types of operating system then you are at right place so let’s get started. Operating Systems is the system software, it is divided in many ways on the basis of usage, on the basis of functioning and on the order of development.

Types Of Operating System

Types of operating systems by User

  • Single User Operating System
  • Multi-user Operating System

Single user Operating System

The single-user operating system allows only one user to work on the computer at a time, ie there cannot be more than one user account simultaneously, only one person can work on the operating system or we can say one computer then it calls single user operating system. Example:- MS-DOS, Windows 95, 98.

Multi-user Operating System  

Operating systems in which you can create more than one user account and work on them are called multi-user operating systems, in which each user is given a terminal connected to the computer, for example, Linux Unique, the modern version of Windows.

Types of operating systems depending on the mode of operation

  • Character user interface
  • Graphical User Interface

Character user Interface

The character user interface is also known as the command-line interface. This type of operating system is served by typing in it. A special type of command is given to operate the computer and only text is used for this. A good example of this type of operating system is MS-DOS.

Graphical User Interface

Graphical user interface as displayed in its name is based on the operating system graphics, ie you can give input to the computer through mouse and keyboard and the interface you are given there is graphical or it has all kinds of buttons, there are menus which makes it very easy interface.

Types of operating systems based on a development order

Based on the development of the computer and the generations of the computer, the operating system in it has also been developed, thus the operating systems are as follows -

  • Batch Processing System
  • Time-Sharing or Multi-User Operating System
  • Multi-Tasking Operating System
  • Real-Time Operating System
  • Multi-Processing Operating System
  • Embedded Operating System
  • Distributed Operating System

Batch Processing System

Batch processing system is one of the first operating systems on a computer. Instead of using it on their own, the users of the Batch operating system give their job to the operator in a punch card or other similar device and the operator makes a group of all jobs and runs them. Generally, the selling operating system runs one program at a time, they are no longer used, but some mainframe computers are still in use.

Time-Sharing or Multi-User Operating System

Time-sharing or multi-user operating system is used in the network, through which different users can use the same program at the same time. In this type of operating system, the user's accounts are made, so that the user has to know how much permission is there to use the software.

Multi-Tasking Operating System

In the multitasking operating system, more than one task is performed at the same time. In fact, the processor very quickly provides different processing time, which is called CPU scheduling. This task executes so fast that the user seems to be doing all the tasks simultaneously. The advantage of this is that the CPU free time is best utilized.

Real-Time Operating System

Real-time operating systems are also known as data processing systems, they have a predetermined time for executing an event called response time. They are mainly used in process control and telecommunication, they are used in scientific research, medical imaging systems, industrial control systems, robots, air traffic control, etc. There are two types

Hard Real-Time Operating System :

In hard real-time OS the given task must be completed within time otherwise there is big data loss may happen    

Soft Real-Time Operating System :  

That is not necessary that task is completed within time some time it may be late 

Multi-Processing Operating System

This type of operating system is used in places where more than one processor is engaged in the system. The technique of using more than one processor is called parallel processing.

Embedded Operating System

Embedded systems is the operating systems that are present only in an electronics or other type of hardware device, they are present in ROM, they are used in home-use appliances such as microwave ovens, washing machines, car management systems, traffic control systems etc is done.

Distributed Operating System

They run various applications using many processors, and these applications or software are also used by many users. They are also called ludicrous coupled operating systems. The advantage of this is that the user gets many resources to use and if one system goes wrong then another system can be used.

So after reading this article i hope you must know about types of operating system.

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