What Is Programming - Everything You Need to Know

What Is Programming
What Is Programming

Programming or you can say Computer Programming has several definitions. Basically, it is a process of designing and building a program through which the computer solves its problems. Now, programming includes so many tasks some of them are:- Analysis, Generating Algorithms, Profiling Algorithms, Accuracy as well as Resource Consumption, and the implementation. So in this post We are going to show you what is programming?

There is a big difference between computer science and programming. But, both are connected with the computer but differently. Programming is quite an essential part of what a computer scientist does. 

Now, talking about the history of the Programming Languages, the first-ever computer programming language was designed in 1950. John Mauchley’s ‘Short Code’ was one of the first high-level programming language developed.

Why is Programming Language Important?

Well, one of the reasons why programming languages is essential due to the enhancement and improvisation it carries out for the power of computers and the internet. Moreover, the programming language is crucial to speed up the input as well as output process of the machine.

Types of Programming Languages

i) Procedural Programming Language

According to experts “The procedural language is used to execute a sequence of statements that lead you to particular results.” These are the languages that use heavy loops, multiple variables, and different elements, respectively. Summing up the procedural language control variables, rather than function’s value returns.

Example ~ Printing information.

ii) Object-Oriented Programming Language

The Object-Oriented Programming Language rectifies the world as the group of objects for both internal and external accessing part of that data. The working mechanism of the language is it divides the faults into a collection of objects and solves the specific problem.

Example ~ C, C++.

iii) Functional Programming Language

According to John McCarthy “functional programming language typically uses the stored data, which avoids all the loops in favor of recursive functions.” Basically, this particular language only focuses on the return value of the functions and its side effects.

iv) Scripting Programming Language

Now, scripting programming languages is the one which comprises of Object-Oriented language elements; however, they do have their own category. But again, they are not full-fledged programming languages. 

Eventually, these types of programming languages require the tiny syntax to get started. They don’t play an essential role in the development of large systems.

v) Logic Programming Language

When you use the formal logic in any program, then it comes under the category Logic Programming. The Logic Programming Language is essentially a set of logical forms, expressing facts as well as rules in context to some problem.

This type of programming language doesn’t guide the system on how to do some stuff instead, it assists the system that what is should consider doing.

Now, as you have a basic idea of what is a programming language and types, its time for you to get ready yourself and learn about Programming Language.

How do I start Programming?

Stepping into the world of programming or coding is not that difficult; however, seeking for the first step can be challenging. So, these simple points will definitely help you start your Programming Journey.

i) Choosing the Programming Language

Everything in this world done because of the purpose. So, stepping into the programming languages need things like why you want to code, and if you figure that out, you can easily pinpoint which language is best for you.

When it comes to a programming language, there is no single ‘best programming language’ it is the user-interface that makes the difference. 

Some languages are so under-friendly and can help you develop basic websites, programs, and more. However, website or programs which involve payment systems or databases needs Java, SQL, PHP, and more.

So, always choose wisely when it comes to programming languages.

ii) Online Courses

Once you have decided which language you want to learn, you can now start with the online classes and courses of that particular programming language. Online Courses are beneficial, but you need to first figure out which one is the best programming language available.

You can check out The Odin Project, it’s completely free of cost and can help to turn a coding newbie into the programmer.

iii) Practice on your Projects

So, you might have heard that Practise makes the man perfect. The same case is with programming. Certificates and coding workshops don’t matters; what matters is the skill set you have. Always ensure that you do practice on some of your personal projects and gradually improves your skill set.

These are some constructive tips that you should follow when you step into the programming languages. Now, it’s time to find which one is the most robust programming language.

Which is the Hardest Programming Language?

The purpose of the toughest or hardest programming language is to check the limitations of the computer programming language design. These types of languages don’t have any aim to replace conventional languages.

i) Malbolge

One of the toughest languages available on the web is Malbolge. It is so challenging that it took 2 years for writing the first Malbolge program. One fun fact about this programming language is that the developer of Malbolge was never able to write a single program by itself.

ii) Cow Programming Language

Developed in 2013, the Cow Programming Language is designed with Bovine in mind. This programming language posses limited vocabulary skills so that the developers inherit the words known by them. Overall, it uses different patterns and is a case-sensitive language.

iii) Brainfuck

The name itself clarifies so many things. Developed in 1993 by Urban Muller, the Brainfuck is one of the esoteric programming languages on the web.

How Programming Languages Evolved?

Every programming languages have their functions and has been developed to satisfy different needs. Well, the first programming language FORTRAN was developed in 1950. It aims to workout on complex mathematical, statistical as well as scientific problems.

In 1959 COBOL or you can say Common Business Oriented Language developed. It aims to make work easier for businesses. The general-purpose programming language such as C, C++, C#, as well as Java has risen in 1970. 

Finally, in the year 1995, JavaScript comes into the market and gives a whole new life to the programming language. JavaScript gives new life to websites and tools.

Moreover, tech giant Google has given birth to Go, which is used to maintain significant software more efficiently. So, this is how programming languages evolved.

The Conclusion

The role of programming languages impacts our day to day life. It plays a crucial role in solving our queries and make our lives easier than ever. Code is essential from our choice of entertainment to what we want to eat or who we want to date. 

Now, according to the Global Developer Population and Demographic Study 2019,” there are only 23.9 million developers, which means only 0.3% of the world’s population know how to program.


Overall, our dependency on the software is increasing day by day, and according to the “US Bureau ofLabor Statistics,” the need for developers is increased by 21% till 2028. So, if you want to become the programmer or learn how to code, it’s good to go. You’ll be going to have a bright future.

So I hope You Get the all the information about What is programming and how to start a programming. If you have any queries or suggestions, do leave a comment below. Also, share your thoughts about programming languages in the comment section.

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