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Functions of Operating System with example

If you are searching for what are the functions of operating system then you are at the right place so let’s get started.

Functions of Operating System

This are the main six function of operating system.

1.   Processor management 

2.   Memory management

3.   Input-Output management

4.   File management

5.   Resource management

6.   User Management

Functions of operating system

So lets’ Understand all the six functions with example.

1.Processor Management

Processor management plays very important role in operating system because when we give any task to computer at that time operating system starts the process to complete that task let’s understand with any example.

Suppose we are using calculator and we do addition of any two number then computer consider this thing as one task. When we give this task at that any function of operating system awake which do the addition of that two numbers and store the answer to the memory and it show the result to us on screen.

And one more thing here who solved are problems of addition which is one small function is called A.P means Application Programs.

So this all small process are comes under the processor management of operating system which solves are problem easily.

And operating system can conduct more than process at a time which means you can do addition of two numbers at that time you can play songs also and playing song is also one process.


2.Memory management

The memory management is very difficult for human but operating system can do memory management easily so let’s understand memory management with example.

Let’s understand with previous example addition of two numbers suppose you are doing and addition of two numbers with the help of calculator at that time processor management awakes and it gives the answer to Operating system and OS stores that answer to particular memory in CPU and then the answer is display us but after then when we close the calculator at that time that memory becomes garbage because no use of that answer now.

So at this place memory management awakes and it cleans that garbage memory so the main work of memory management is to create memory for task and clean memory after the task for next upcoming task.

And there are two types of memory RAM and ROM.


3.Input-Output management

The input-output management awakes when we gives and input to computer and the input devices are keyboard mouse and the output device is monitor which display us the output let’s understand with example.

Suppose we are using paint in computer at that time we need to draw something for that we are using mouse to give input and we do anything using mouse it gives output to us on monitor.

At this time the input-output management function is awake and help us to do what we want.


4.File management

File management system is comes under Memory management. OS makes File management features for easy to access of any data let’s understand with example.

When we store are different types of data in memory life photos videos and text documents then file management system makes different files of same type of data for example it creates one file for images which carries all are images in this image file and stores in memory like that it makes different files for different types of data it calls file management.

File management makes are data access easy and fast because when we gives instruction to find image then it goes to that image file and display us all the images only so it is for batter user experience and helps to make process faster.


5.Resource management

Here we can consider resource management as one function this function is used to manage all the resource which comes under the operating system let’s understand deeply.

We can consider this all functions of operating systems as resource the process management used processor as resource, memory management use RAM and ROM as resource and Input-output management used keyboard and monitor as resource so to manage and to do constant interaction with resource OS makes Resource management.


6.User Management

We can Use this user management function in are daily life when we using are computer let’s understand.

When we start comport it shows us the admin name and one image. So user management is nothing else it gives us more functionality to admin.

With the help of this function of OS we can create more user or we can say we are able to create guest admin or more than one admin. Suppose two people are using one device so they can create different user id so then can login in particular admin panel so this function is very useful.

So here I explained all the six functions of Operating system which are very important to know. After reading this full article if you have any query or question regarding functions in operating system you can ask me in comment section. And if you get the answer what you want then do not forget to share this article to your friend thank you so much for reading this article.

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