What is file Attributes?

What is file Attributes?


What is file Attributes?

File attributes are basically the user rights with the help of them an operating system or a particular user can access that file, let’s understand with an example suppose you are writing something online in google docs here google has rights that they can only read the information they cant change and save that information.

  • This are the file attributes

  • Location of that file in system

  • Size of that particular file

  • Information about file (i.e. size of file, date of updation and creation of file)

  • Access permission (i.e. read, write and execution)


1.What are the different attributes of a file?


  • File name

  • File type

  • Location of file 

  • File information

  • Access permission

  • User rights

2.Where are file attributes stored?

Ans: File attributes are stored in directories.



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