Which subject I read first operating system or computer architecture?

If the question arises in your mind that Which subject I read the first operating system or computer architecture? So first you need to clear the doubts about both the term and you must need to aware about this both term operating system and computer architecture. 

let's see the definition of both the term what exactly they are?

Operating System


Operating System is used as a mediator between hardware and the Software. 

let's understand in simple words if you give any task to a processor which is known as process and if that process needs any hardware device like printer then this communication is done with the help of the operating system.

computer architecture


Computer Architecture is a set of rules that shows the functionality and implementation of Computer that how they work.

in simple words, it describes how the computer works or we can say the core of the computer.

So now let's go to the actual problem that 

Which subject do I read the first operating system or computer architecture?

With the basis of some research and professionals suggestion, I prefer you that you can start with the operating system because OS is the inner side function of computer and that is the basic and needy thing after then you can go with computer architecture.


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