Five Component of data communication

Five Component of data communication

What are the Components of data communication?

Message: The message is the information that we want to share with other device or we can say node. There are some popular forms of data is text, numbers, pictures, audio and video.

Sender: The sender is a node(device) that sends the data to another node. A sender can be any device.

Receiver: The receiver is the device that receives the message which is sent by the sender. The receiver can be any device.

Transmission Medium: The transmission is the physical path, Using that physical path a message travels from sender to the receiver. 

For example: 

  1. twisted pair 

  2. coaxial cable 

  3. fibre-optic cable 

  4. radio waves

Protocol: A protocol is a set of rules that that given to the sender and receiver to communicate. Both the device must need to follow the protocol while transmitting the data.


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